Long-Term Housing

Long-Term, Single Occupancy Housing

Rock Valley Community Programs, Inc. and Housing4OurVets is excited to announce our Long-Term, Single Occupancy Housing Project for the veterans in our transitional program. We estimate the cost of the project will be $1,400,000. We have raised 57% of the funds! 

RVCP plans to renovate a wing in our current facility to provide 23 room single occupancy apartments for veterans completing our 24-month transitional housing program. Often times, the veterans have a difficulty locating affordable housing to transition too; which is further complicated by their rental history and lack of good housing and credit references. The communities our veterans are transitioning to have very limited low-income housing options for single, adult males. Adding to this challenge, the current economic conditions and barriers to success increase dramatically. By expanding services to offer the single occupancy housing units, veterans will be able to transition to an independent living environment while maintaining access to the continued supportive services to aid in their transition.


We estimate the cost of this project to be $1,400,000.


We thank you for your support, and look forward to evolving and expanding our continuum of care for at risk veterans!