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Qualifications for Services

Veterans that will qualify for the program at RVCP are male veterans considered homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and were other than dishonorably discharged. We regret that we are unable to serve families.

Homeless or in danger of becoming homeless is defined as lacking a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence, residing in a homeless shelter or welfare hotel, or incarcerated and upon exit and reentry be homeless.

In addition, the following apply:

  • Homeless veterans must be from VISN 12, which includes all of Wisconsin, northern Illinois, the upper peninsula of Michigan and the northwest corner of Indiana;

  • The veteran may be on probation or parole.  If the veteran is on supervision from State of Wisconsin DOC and is outside of Rock County or outside of the Western District of Wisconsin is supervised by the U.S. Probation, supervision arrangements must be made and approved by the supervising authority prior to acceptance in the the program;

  • For incarcerated veterans; The VISN 12 HCRV Re-entry Specialists will assist in the referral to RVCP’s Transitional Housing and supportive services program;

  • For all other veterans, the County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) will assist in the process of qualifying the veteran for services through the Veteran’s Administration.  The VA Homeless Veterans Program will determine eligibility to the program and provide assistance to eligible veterans and their dependents in obtaining federal and state veterans’ benefits;


Information regarding complex eligibility requirements, as well as benefit counseling and assistance with all stages of the application process, is provided to each eligible veteran without cost.

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